We are here to help...

Counseling is a learning process which focuses on you by promoting social and emotional growth and assisting with academic success.

College life is an exciting time filled with opportunities, changes, and challenges. While these challenges offer chances to grow, they can also sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful. When this happens, we provide the opportunity for you to:

  • Work through your concerns
  • Learn new tools for dealing with stress
  • Improve friendships and relationships
  • Develop skills for improving academic performance
  • Explore career options and learn how to choose a major and/or career
  • Identify strategies for improving overall happiness

Our hope is that this work will create lifelong changes that help you reach your potential in college and beyond.


We can help you fulfill your hopes, dreams, and potentials in your journey of life-long learning.


We can assist with the transition from the battlefield to the classroom.


We consult with faculty and staff concerning student mental health issues and how to be most helpful.


We can assist you and your family in the important transition to college.

Counseling services are provided at no cost for students who are eligible and are confidential as delineated by Kentucky State Law and APA Code of Ethics.