Confidentiality means that we will not release information about you (including the fact that you are even receiving services) to anyone outside the counseling center without your written consent to do so. We are committed to taking all reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality of our clients.

The exceptions to confidentiality are as follows:

1.   If we have assessed that you intend to kill or seriously harm yourself, a family member, or someone else

2.   If you require immediate medical intervention

3.   If you share information that leads to a reasonable suspicion of

a.    Abuse, neglect, or dependency of a child or minor (committed by you or by anyone else)

b.   Domestic violence

c.    Abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a mentally ill person, developmentally disabled person, elderly individual, or other adult.

4.   If you become involved in a lawsuit and your mental or emotional condition is an element of your claim, or if a court orders the release of confidential information

 Note: The above exceptions to confidentiality are extremely rare. However, if they should occur, it is the Counseling Center’s policy that, whenever possible, we will discuss with you any action that is being considered. Any required disclosure in these situations will be made to the appropriate authority and will be limited to material directly relevant to the issues involved.

Counseling records are confidential and are stored within the Counseling Center for a minimum of 6 years. Please note that we utilize an electronic means of data storage and record keeping. Extensive precautions have been taken to ensure privacy and security. Counseling records are NOT part of your academic record and are only accessed by the staff of the EKU Counseling Center. Please speak with your counselor about any questions or concerns regarding the contents of your record.