Faculty and Staff

The view of the Counseling Center is that the educative process involves the total development of the person; therefore, a major objective of our agency is to facilitate not only the academic success of the students but also their social and emotional development as well. Counseling becomes a means in which students learn new strategies on how to more effectively achieve their own academic and personal goals. Student mental health needs are central to the mission of the Counseling Center within the context of the University’s mission. 

Although providing services to students takes priority, it is the philosophy of this Center that through our consulting role with the university community we provide assistance in a broader sense to include:  faculty, Student Affairs personnel staff, university administrators, parents or any constituency that has a direct or indirect impact on student behavior and learning.  It is our job to educate/consult these various factions of the university community concerning mental health principles in order to foster a healthy environment for our students.  Based on our training and expertise and on research conducted concerning student mental health needs, the Counseling Center can provide valuable input into the engineering of a healthy environment for students to learn and grow.   Accreditation and evaluation of services are utilized to ensure the highest level of performance in serving the students and to promote continuous improvement.