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Get Off Your Grass & Meditate!

Get Off Your Grass and Meditate!

Come celebrate Earth Day with us Tuesday, April 25th 6-7pm at the EKU Ravine. Experience a guided meditation under the sun! Joining us will be Healthy You at EKU with their hydration station and learn more about EKU Office of Sustainability and their upcoming events!

Back By Popular Demand: GROUPS!

Group Therapy

Research has found that group therapy is as effective as individual therapy. Futher, when the issues involve certain topics (e.g. relationships, interpersonal skills, social isolation, development of coping skills, etc.), group therapy is often more effective.

Ask a question, SAVE A LIFE! 3 simple steps to save a life

We can all save lives. Just like CPR, QPR-Question, Persuade, Refer-is an emergency response to someone in crisis.

Coping in A Complex World

The EKU Counseling Center joins with the community of college and university counseling centers worldwide to express our deepest sympathies to all who have experienced loss in the midst of the tragedies in Istanbul and in Bangladesh.

A Meditation for Peace

It can seem as though tragic national and international events are occurring faster than we can comprehend. The most recent events in South Sudan, Turkey, and in France were, again, intrusions of hate in the midst of celebration, of national pride, and of unity and belonging. 

Coping with Grief and Loss

The loss of a loved one is among the most traumatic events that a person can experience. The emotions of grief and the grieving process are painful but natural, expected and necessary parts of healing and recovery. There is no one way and no right or wrong way to grieve, and there is no schedule or deadline for the resolution of and recovery from loss.

Impact of 2016 National Election

Many have found the recent national election cycle to be dramatic and emotionally challenging. The EKUCC staff acknowledges and recognizes that members of our EKU community are experiencing a variety of responses to the election results.

Healing Unseen Wounds

Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), you will learn skills to manage symptoms that arise after experiencing personal trauma. These skills include addressing emotional dysregulation, difficulty dealing with distress, interpersonal relationship problems, and difficulty staying in the moment.